What to do if you want a driving licence

Firstly you will obtain a learner’s permit from the Licencing Department at the Road Safety  Authority with affixed photograph. The permit entitles you to train as a driver for a period of three(3) months.

You don’t necessarily have to wait until your learner’s permit has expired before you apply for the driving test. If within three(3) months you are confident that you can face the test then you have the right to apply for the test. 

How to get your driving licence renewed after 5 years.

After your driving licence expires, you don’t neeed to obtain a fresh learner’s permit to renew it. You only need to obtain the test application form, driving licence application form, and clip them together with a copy of the expired driving licence and submit them for allocation to a Testing Officer.

Before submitting the documents to the Testing Officer, you should ensure to make payment at the bank. The receipt should be attached to the other documents which you will fill in and sign. Details of the surname, other names, your address, date and place of birth must be absolutely correct as these are the details that will be entered in your driving licence. If you pass the test, you will be issued with a pass certificate.

How to get another driving licence if by any means you lose your driving licence.

In case you have a record of the serial number of your lost driving license, you can have it noted in a Police report and an affidavit which you will submit to the Licencing Department at the Road safety Authority.

You will pay the prescribed fee for the information relating to your driving licence to be accessed from the computer database. If every detail is authentic, the director will authorize the issuance of another driving license to you. Note that you would still be required to obtain and fill in the driving license application form. You will not take a driving test but you will have to pay the fee for the category of driving licence you require. After the payment of the fee you will be issued with a receipt which will be endorsed at the front desk. You will then proceed to the photo-graphic room for your snapshot and the eventual preparation of your driving licence.

Persons Qualified To Hold A Driving Licence



An Hackney Carriage  18 years and above
A Motorcycle  16 years and above
A commercial vehicle including public service vehicle   21 years and above
A heavy truck   21 years and above
Other motor vehicles 18 years and above